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3on3Tourneys events already operate in a NON-CONTACT format, with penalties assessed in the case of contact. As a reminder, these include:

  1. 1 penalty shot awarded to the opposing team for accidental body checking/contact.
  2. 2 penalty shots awarded to the opposing team for intentional body checking/contact.
  3. 2 penalty shots + ejection from the game (player) to the opposing team for intentional body checking/contact with intent to injure.

Effective immediately, and until further notice, the following will also apply:


Puck battles that last for the count of "one Mississippi" will be whistled to stop, with the defender gaining possession of the puck and the opponent having to back up one sticks length before play will resume. The defender is defined as being either the home or the away player, with the centre red line determining the home or away 'zone'. Example, a battle in the neutral zone on the home side of the red line results in possession going to the home team player.

 1. Corner puck battles that seem to be unresolvable, quickly, and appear to be heading towards prolonged contact, will be whistled down, with the defensive team player taking possession of the puck and the offensive team player clearing the zone.
 2. Side wall puck battles will also be whistled down, under the same appearance as above, however, the referee will toss the puck towards the centre dot and play will resume.

Face-to-face face offs have been replaced by a chase to the puck. At the start of each game, the puck will be placed on the centre dot and  the starting players from each team will line up in front of their respective players bench. At the sound of the whistle, the players will race to gain possession of the puck and play will continue.

Keeping our community safe from this virus will allow us to continue participation in the activities that we all love. Some of these measures may not appear to be ideal, but rest assured, we are fighting like heck to keep our community and kids safe.